Australia: Client-to-Agent Linking

Overview of linking process

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) are further strengthening the security of the ATO online services to help protect Tax Agents and the Tax Agents clients against fraud and identity-related theft.

From 13 November 2023, all types of entities with an Australian Business Number (ABN) excluding sole traders will need to nominate Tax Agents as their agent before Tax Agents can add their clients to the Tax Agents client list. Clients will need to use the new agent nomination feature in Online services for business when they engage a new tax or BAS agent or payroll service provider to represent them, or provide extra authorisation to Tax Agents.

Existing client links are not affected. Tax Agents do not need to do anything if the client does not change their existing arrangements.

About client-to-agent linking step:

Businesses can use our online services to nominate an agent. These steps are for clients who need to nominate an agent.

  1. Set up your myGovID Important Your myGovID is unique to you, using your personal information – you cannot share it with others.
  2. If you already have a myGovID
  3. Link your myGovID to your Australian Business Number (ABN) in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) 
  4. If you have a Strong myGovID identity strength and your name is listed in the Australian Business Register you can link your ABN online by logging in to RAM, selecting link my business and following the prompts.
  5. Log in to Online  Services for  business
  6. Nominate your agent in Online  services for business 
  7. Important You will need your agent’s registered agent number (RAN) for this step. Ensure your agent has provided this to you.
  8. Tell your agent you’ve nominated them
  9. Your agent will not receive an automated notification that you’ve nominated them, so it’s important to let them know when you’ve completed this step.

Reference/ Citation

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