About Us

Reanda is the brand built up by Reanda Certified Public Accountants ("Reanda CPA"), a licensed accounting firm established in Beijing in 1993. Today, Reanda CPA is the top tier firm in China with over 30 offices and a staff force of 3,800 people.

Following the initial formation announcement of the Reanda International Network by Reanda CPA in 2009, Reanda International Investment (Beijing) Company Limited ("RIIB") and its wholly owned subsidiary, Reanda International Network Limited, were established in Beijing and Hong Kong respectively in 2010. The two companies together are the administration headquarters of the Reanda International Network.

To cope with the recommendations from the CICPA to grow in lock step with ASEAN, the Reanda International Network has begun to establish networking activities throughout Southeast Asia. The Reanda International Network was formally launched on 15 September 2010 with the initial 7 member firms from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia. Reanda International, as the first international accounting network originated from Asia with its headquarters located in Beijing, China, strives to assist the domestic clients of the member firms doing business internationally, at the same time, provides a springboard to those foreign enterprises who are planning to explore their business ventures in Asia.

Today's internationally-focused companies rely on the expertise of accountants and advisors who are not only knowledgeable about the regulations and tax systems of their local jurisdiction, but who are also experienced in working nationally and internationally in other jurisdictions. To succeed in a complex global business environment, senior company executives often need to make key decisions quickly. They need to call on professional advisors in diverse locations who can provide a broad range of high quality services. And it is all the more convenient if the full range of audit, tax and consultancy services can be coordinated through the firms in the same network. Reanda International aims to build a network that matches clients with carefully screened, independent, professional firms that are able to meet these exact requirements and other stringent membership criteria. Reanda International commissions its member firms to help prominent and growing companies in every industry to succeed in today's fast-changing legal and financial landscape.

Reanda International is a network of worldwide independent professional firms which collaborate to provide assurance, tax, consulting and specialist business advisory to individuals, privately held businesses and transnational conglomerates. These firms are members of the Reanda International Network, connected through membership in Reanda International Network Limited("RINL") – a Hong Kong private company limited by shares – being the overseas headquarter and a wholly owned subsidiary of Reanda InternationalInvestment (Beijing) Company Limited ("RIIB"), a limited company registered in China. The Reanda International Network is administrated and coordinated by RINL with the policies and guidelines back by RIIB. RINL's primary activities are to: identify market opportunities and develop networking strategies; strengthen the product, skill, and knowledge within the Network; promote the Reanda brand; and develop and monitor the quality standards of member firms. RINL and RIIB do not themselves provide services to clients.

Member Firm
Each member firm provides services in a particular geographic area and is subject to the professional regulations and laws of the particular country or territory in which it operates. RINL, RIIB and each member firm are separate and independent legal entities, which are locally owned, operated and managed, and responsible for its own liabilities. Each member firm is structured differently in accordance with domestic laws and regulations and is not member of one international or legal partnership. RINL, RIIB and each member firm are liable only for their own acts or omissions and are not responsible for the services or activities of any other. Despite the legal form as mentioned, each member firm is allowed to use the Reanda acronym and is committed to the standards, quality inspection and missions brought by Reanda International.

Correspondent firm
Reanda International also appoints independent professional firms as correspondent firms to perform designated services in particular geographic areas where such services are, at presence, not available from the existing member firms. Correspondent firms are not member firms of the Reanda International Network and do not have the same responsibilities or rights as a member firm. Correspondent firms are not allowed to apply the Reanda acronym for their firm names. They are allowed to identify themselves as a “Correspondent firm of Reanda International”. Each correspondent firm provides services in a particular geographic area on its own liabilities and is subject to the professional regulations and laws of the particular country or territory in which it operates.

MoU-entered firm
Reanda International enters Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with invited independent professional firms that are interested in joining Reanda International as members. MoU-entered firms may participate in most of the network events during the period prior to the acceptance of their formal membership application. MoU-entered firms are not member firms nor correspondent firms of the Reanda International Network and do not have the same responsibilities or rights as a member firm nor a correspondent firm. MoU entered firms are not allowed to apply the Reanda acronym for their firm names nor the professional services they provided.

Reanda International collaborates independent member firms from overseas countries and regions with the accounting professions in Asia. Each member firm of Reanda International is a separate and independent legal entity and renders professional services in the territory based on deep industry knowledge and understanding of local markets.

Reanda International is aimed at co-operation of member firms within the network. Although operating locally in countries and regions around the world, member firms share the common brand name, a common system of quality control and a significant part of professional resources. As a result, we will get you quicker access of professional advisors in diverse locations offering wide range of high quality services.

In today’s hyper-competitive and ever-changing global economy, Reanda International not only avails its member firms of enhancing local branding and international perspective but also synergy of sharing best practices and knowledge in providing excellent client service to companies of all sizes. This keeps us up-to-date with global industry trends as well as identifying new market opportunities.

Board of directors

The board of directors, led by Mr. Huang Jinhui, Chairman of Reanda International, develops, implements the global strategies and governs the management of Reanda International. The nine directors nominated from various member firms are:

Overseas administrative office

The team at the overseas administrative office in Hong Kong covers the daily administration and membership enquiries of Reanda International.

Franklin Lau
+852 2113 1378Email
Alberta Sie
Company Secretary
+852 2113 1368Email

Regional President

The regional president, appointed by the Beijing headquarter, promotes the influence and goodwill of Reanda International in the respective regional market.

Gerard Uijtendaal
Europe Region
+31 20 800 61 90Email
Avinash Jagetiya
Middle East and Africa Region
+971 50 550 7131Email
Mitsuo Kubo
Asia and Oceania Region
+81 3 3519 3970Email
LL Koong
South East Asia & South Asia Region
+603 2166 2303Email

European Regional Committee

The European Regional Committee supports the European regional president to coordinate the members in the region and assist in the recruitment of new firms from Europe.

Gerard Uijtendaal
+31 20 800 61 90Email
Achim Siegmann
Vice President
+49 7 1329 6858Email
Robert Bean
Vice President
+44 20 8209 2294Email