The first annual Asia and Oceania regional meeting of Reanda International successfully concluded on 13 August 2020

The annual Asia and Oceania regional meeting of Reanda International was held through video conference on 13 August 2020. A total of 15 partners and personnel from six network firms in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau and Taiwan from the region as well as Reanda International Beijing headquarters, Hong Kong administrative office and regional president of the Southeast Asia & South Asia region Mr. L.L. Koong participated and attended the meeting respectively.

The meeting was chaired by Ms. Mo Jianjie, head of Asia desk and Mr. Kenichi Kanai, head of International Desk of Reanda Japan. The meeting, aiming to facilitate mutual collaboration and strengthen the exchanges amongst network firms in the region, was kicked off by the opening remarks made by the Chairman Mr. Huang Jinhui and the CEO Mr. Franklin Lau. Chairman Mr. Huang indicated the strong momentum of referral cases in the Asia and Oceania region as well as the key factors of successful business referrals including highly active participation by partners of network firms involved, putting client services first before profits as well as mutual trust and understanding between network firms. The Chairman also elaborated the strategies of the Beijing headquarters in supporting the development of the region in the post pandemic period including approaching the Chinese headquarters of Reanda China clients who have subsidiaries in Asia and Oceania for business pitching, promoting the network’s international solutions which is backed by its global reach to the Chinese enterprises as well as fostering collaboration with the international business associations in Mainland China to learn the services needs of their members in China who have operations in overseas. In addition, Chairman Mr. Huang also briefed the latest development of Reanda China on behalf of the firm. Mr. Franklin Lau, CEO of Reanda International spoke about the network’s progress of seeking Forum of Firms full membership, global monitoring review, launch of the transnational clients database, recruitment plan of new members in the 2nd half of 2020 as well as the arrangement of the annual conference later this year.

This was followed by the presentation from Mr. Kenichi Kanai and Ms. Mo Jianjie, head of international desk and head of Asia desk of Reanda Japan respectively. They indicated that Reanda Japan believed COVID        -19 is a catalyst for innovative change where it would be potent for businesses to be open-minded to reimagine and innovate their business model as they return to full speed whilst adapting to changes. In addition, Mr. Kanai and Ms. Mo indicated that their firm believed that having a cohesive vision of environmental and social sustainability would help business develop new models for growth and opportunities as inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched by the United Nations(UN) - the 17 goals tackling major world issues agreed by 193 UN member states to be achieved by 2030. On another note, the strategies of Reanda Japan in retaining clients would be client purpose-driven where the firm would not merely focus on taking care of clients but to understand what clients truly care so that they can develop tailored experiences to maintain strong and long-term relationship with them. While unprecedented times create unprecedented opportunities, Reanda Japan would continue to develop multi-disciplinary services for the near and long term, nurturing of future leaders as well as advancing inclusion, diversity and the synergy between Japanese and foreign staff in the firm.

The meeting was further brimmed by presentations from Mr. Ellis Au Yeung, managing partner of Reanda Hong Kong, Mr. Kenichi Kanai and Ms. Mo Jianjie as well as Mr. Peter Polgar, executive chairman of Reanda Australia about their firm’s respective latest development and their strategies in assisting clients through Covid-19. The meeting concluded with thought-provoking discussions on how members in the region can work more closely together for successful collaboration.

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