The eleventh meeting of the Reanda’s Second Partnership Management Committee of Reanda China

On 7 July 2019 at 9:30 a.m., Reanda China’s Second Partnership Management Committee held the eleventh meeting in Qingdao. The meeting was chaired by the committee chairman Huang Jinhui, who is also the chief partner of Reanda Cjhina. The committee’s vice-chairmen Cao Zhongzhi andHuang Chaohui, as well as other members including Zhou Achun, Yan Tingli, Wang Xinyu and Dong Liangjun attended the meeting.

Eleven resolutions were considered and passed in the meeting, including the reports of the progress of annual inspection on branch offices and head of the branch offices in 2018, the assessment results of partners in 2018 and the comment on the amendment to the Partnership Agreement, etc.

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