NetEase News and other media: "Beijing Fair" won the honor, "understand the world, and understand China"'

From 28th May till 1st June 2019, the China International Trade Fair in Services (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing Fair) was successfully held in Beijing in 2019. With the theme "openness, innovation, wisdom and integration", the Beijing Fair focused on science and technology, culture, health, business and other service areas, targeted to play an active role in leading the global service industry and service trade frontier concepts, advanced technology, innovative achievements, industry standards and other aspects. So far, at the "Rule of Law China Exchange Forum" of China International Trade in Services Fair in 2019, a list of "Top 100 Innovative Brands in Beijing Business Services and Top 100 Internationalized Brands in 2019" was released under the guidance of Beijing Business Bureau and Beijing Brand Association. Reanda CPAs LLP as the parent company of Reanda International Network (hereinafter referred to as Reanda International) has successfully entitled as “Top 100 Internationalized Brands”. In the recent years, Reanda International as “going out” internationalized outstanding representative of Chinese accounting service industry, since 2012 continuously participating in the Beijing Fair related activities, and achieved outstanding performance and gratifying results. As a professional in deeply cultivating the international accounting service market, Mr. Huang Jinhui, the chairman of Reanda International board of directors was invited to attend this year's Beijing Fair Global Service Trade Summit and Opening Ceremony. In an interview, he said that Reanda International will continue to study and observe various activities of the Beijing Trade Fair and strive to achieve more significant results.

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