Message from Reanda International headquarters – 22 March 2022

On 22 March 2022, Reanda International head offices had a virtual meeting with the European Regional Committee member Mr. Robert Bean and Reanda Netherlands managing partner Mr. Gerard Uijtendaal to follow up on the assistance to our Reanda family members who are in need due to the ongoing war crisis in Ukraine.


1.  As further updated by Mr. Gerard Uijtendaal, some Ukrainian colleagues and families have left the country are now taken care by Ms. Olga Lukashenko, the Ukrainian partner of Reanda Netherlands, in good hands. While there are other colleagues opted to stay in Ukraine, direct monetary supports or living materials to them are difficult at the moment. As such, any members who wish to extend their helps to the people suffering in this war crisis, they are recommended to check with the reputable NGOs in their local countries for donations;

2.  Mr. Gerard Uijtendaal further added that there is an enormous exodus of refugees from Ukraine now staying in other EU countries who are looking for jobs to maintain their livings. The latest EU policy has granted temporary working permit to the Ukrainian refugees on this purpose. There is now job seeking platform opened for matching of jobs between employers and the Ukrainian refugees. Ms. Olga is so kind to refer the following link for access - Reanda International network firms are encouraged to look up the link for furtherance of their helps;

3.  Mr. Robert Bean added that Reanda UK is raising money for Ukrainian people via, which include Save the Children and some other reputable NGOs and initiatives;

4.  The CEO Mr. Franklin Lau added that the Reanda International Hong Kong administrative office has identified the following two reputable NGOs to accept specific donations for the Ukrainian people:

➢ Médecins Sans Frontières

➢ Save the Children


At the closure of the meeting, the CEO Mr. Frank lin Lau expressed cordial thanks to Mr. Gerard Uijtendaal and Mr. Robert Bean for their valuable inputs, and looking forward to any latest update from the Reanda International European regional committee.

We consider that at this critical moment, any members in Reanda International considering to extend their helps to Ukrainian people, they may check with the relevant reputable NGOs in their countries and may also look up the job seeking platform referred by Ms. Olga Lukashenko if this is applicable to their locations.