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About Reanda Singapore

Our professionals and scope of services have held appointments and supported clientele that span Europe, French Polynesia, East Asia including South East Asia. In Singapore we continue with the same commitment to serve and enhance family-owned businesses to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as multi-national corporations (MNCs). Our comprehensive solutions have made a critical difference to our clients in diverse industries.

Besides the traditional auditing and taxation services provided by public accounting firms, Adept PAC also caters to specific needs of clients who require professional services in the following areas:

  • Acquisition Review
  • Share Valuation
  • Insolvency and Corporate Recovery
  • Corporate Finance
  • IPO and pre-IPO Advisory
  • Litigation Support
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Accounting and Financial Advisory
  • Internal Controls and Procedures Review
  • GST Consultancy

Reanda Adept, in collaboration with our established affiliates, provides extensive and comprehensive professional and corporate services that help our clients successfully achieve their plans and strategies for growth in a very competitive and complex business environment:

K C Yin Consulting specializes in tax and general consultancy work;

INNO-SOFT Info Systems Pte Ltd provides the expertise to set up effective IT systems and procedures to support the operations of our clients;

YIN Corporate Services Pte Ltd covers a comprehensive range of corporate management, secretarial and accounting services, including a host of other services to support the differing needs of our clients.

Mr Yin Kum Choy
Managing Director
Tel: + 65 6603 9828
Mr Gilbert Tiong
Tel: + 65 6606 9823
Mr Fadhillah Goh
Tel: +65 6603 9826
Ms Irene Chan
Tel: + 65 6603 9828