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China Desk

With the rapid economic development of China, it has become an important strategic market for multinational enterprises’ global investment. Likewise, many China-based enterprises look for opportunities to enter the international market. In respond to the increasing market demand, Reanda Network has launched the China Desk Program to provide technical support for ensuring successful investment and growth of these corporations in the China or global market.

Presently, the China Desk was established in 26 Reanda member firms as follows:

Reanda China Desks are supported up by professionals with extensive knowledge in Chinese accounting standard and regulations. The China Desks draw on the expertise and knowledge of these professionals to provide technical support for realizing clients’ business ambitions. With close ties to our China member firm, all China Desks are inter-linked to be the platform for leveraging our abilities to service Chinese-oriented assignments, narrowing cultural gap as well as providing seamless professional services to Reanda clients.