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Since the establishment of official diplomatic ties in 1992, bilateral economic relations between Korea and China have rapidly improved. Currently, China is Korea’s largest trading partner, while Korea is China’s fourth largest trading partner. With the two countries’ Free Trade Agreement officially signed in November 2014, this will only deepen China and Korea’s strategic cooperative partnership, leading to a new leap in trade relations between the two countries.

In this regard, Reanda Korea has taken the initiative to set up a China Desk, to provide both local and Chinese enterprises the most practical and efficient services locally and internationally. Equipped with bilingual and trilingual staff, we are also fully supported by professionals with exposure to Chinese accounting and financial regulations to provide in-depth solutions.















Mr. Wanmin Shin
Tel: +82-2-566-8401
Ms. Sienna Kim
Liaison Officer / International Consultant
Tel: +82-10-6320-8986