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Reanda International is an international network of independent accounting and consulting firms, the China's first professional accounting network to collaborate with independent member firms from overseas countries and regions. These member firms provide assurance, tax consulting and specialist business advisory to privately held business and transnational conglomerates.

With 104 offices and over two thousands of dedicated professionals, Reanda International is one of the leading networks in the Asian Region.

The global dynamic business environment has become increasingly complex and the Asian Region has gaining their momentum over the decade. At Reanda International, the business enterprises will find competent specialists from the member firms to serve their businesses to penetrate this fast moving Asian business arena.


     International Tax Panel
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The International Tax Panel (ITP) is set up to meet our clients’ domestic and international needs concerning tax enquiries and assignments.  Reanda’s ITP is an integrated team of experts specialized in dealing with international tax enquiries as well as providing solutions on a local and an international basis.  It accelerates communications among members for sharing information as well as exchanging ideas and insights.  Close contacts and cooperation enable the panel members to identify and determine the best tactics and solutions for clients, helping clients to reduce ineffectiveness, mitigate risks and achieve maximum interests.  Reanda’s ITP is lead by Mr. L.L. Koong as the chairman, Mr. Zhu Yuxiang and Mr. Lorance Chan as the vice chairmen.


Chairman of Reanda International visited Russia
Chairman and CEO of Reanda International visited Cyprus
Reanda Cyprus Holds Grand Opening Ceremony of Its New Office
Chairman and CEO of Reanda International visited UAE
Reanda International expands footprint with new member firm in Pakistan
Reanda’s One Belt One Road Business Forum held in Beijing China
Reanda International aggregate fee income grows 8% with partners and staff up 9%
Reanda UK ranks 19 in IAB UK survey
New member firm in Malta adding further to Reanda International’s coverage in Europe
Reanda International welcomes new member firm in Nepal
Reanda International Annual Conference 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Delegation from Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce visited Reanda UK
Reanda Russia ranks 11 in IAB Russia Survey
Germany Correspondent firm made 19th in IAB Germany survey
CEO of Reanda International visited Nepal

Reanda Network has launched the China Desk Program in 8 Reanda member firms as follows:

        -     Reanda Australia

        -     Reanda Cyprus

        -     Reanda Hong Kong

        -     Reanda Indonsia

        -     Reanda Japan

        -     Reanda Korea

        -     Reanda Malaysia

        -     Reanda Singapore

The China Desks are supported up by professionals with extensive knowledge in Chinese accounting standard and regulations. The China Desks draw on the expertise and knowledge of these professionals for realizing clients' business ambitions. With close ties to our China member, all China Desks endeavour to be the platform for leveraging Chinese professionals...