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We are a fast-growing multi-disciplinary firm of professionals with core competence in the area of audit, assurance, accountancy, taxation, corporate recovery, result-oriented and cutting-edge business consulting and strategic corporate services.

Incorporated in 1995, our firm has, over the last two and a half decades been a major contributor to our clients’ success stories.  We have constantly provided Value Added Services to our clients in all the areas mentioned above.

This has made us within a short span of our existence a partner in progress to our existing clientele.

Gbenga Badejo and Co. is a correspondent firm of Reanda International which is an international network of independent accounting and consulting firms. The firm is duly registered with the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Association of Reporting Accountants and Auditors in the Capital Market (ARACAM).