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Reanda Netherlands is uniquely positioned to perform audit, assurance and non-assurance engagement for international companies. Reanda Netherlands has the ambition to become a realistic alternative for international companies in supporting and auditing their global expansion.

In addition to audit and assurance, we provide a full range of accounting, tax and advisory services, designated to service multinational companies that have chosen the Netherlands as their home for international expansion.



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China, the world’s second-largest economy, is becoming more and more an important business partner of the Netherlands. Chinese multinational companies are using the Netherlands frequently to structure their international expansion. Furthermore, many multinational companies from the Netherlands are investing in China.

In response to this increased demand for high quality professional services for both inbound and outbound China-related investment, Reanda Netherlands has set up a dedicated China Desk to support both Netherlands MNCs in China and Chinese MNCs in Netherlands. Our multi-talented professionals from the China Desk provide a full range of professional services including but not limited to accounting, tax consulting and tax planning, HR consulting, IPO, cross border M&A advisory and internationalization strategy.
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