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RPB & Associates, Chartered Accountants

Delivering high quality service to clients, RPB & Associates, Chartered Accountants stands in Kathmandu as one of the leading auditing & assurance firm of Nepal. The firm is registered with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) and is the member firm of Reanda International Network.

Reanda Biz Serve Pvt. Ltd. is the business advisory and consulting company and an approved employer with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). RPB and Reanda Biz Serve both together represent Reanda Nepal.

Reanda Nepal has strong team of professionals with wide range of experience from multiple domains. We believe in going beyond commitment to meet client’s expectations. We offer multi-disciplinary advisory and professional services covering auditing & assurance, cross boarder tax planning, corporate finance & business advisory, due diligence, merger & acquisitions, business valuation, corporate legal, information security and various other services. We strive for our client’s success through our innovative and standardized structure.


Webinar on Nepal Budget Highlights by Reanda Nepal
Webinar on “Nepal Budget Highlights: Amendments made by Finance Bill 2077” by Reanda Nepal
Webinar on “Change in Control – Section 57 of Income Tax Act” by Reanda Nepal
Three Tax Points For Foreign Investors Investing in Nepal
Reanda Nepal organized a Workshop in Taxation, after announcement of Nepal Budget, exclusively for Chinese Enterprises in Nepal
Reanda Nepal organized a Workshop in Taxation after announcement of Nepal Budget
Reanda Nepal held a seminar on updates of legal and taxation system of Nepal for Chinese entrepreneurs in Nepal
Reanda Nepal Partner CA. Gopal Prasad Pokharel Nominated as Member of Accounting Standards Board (ASB) Nepal
Reanda Nepal Partner CA. Bishnu Prasad Bhandari Elected as Council Member of ICAN
Reanda Nepal and Reanda India co-organized an event on "Cyber security on Digital Era"
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Chinese businesses have extended their footprints across the globe. With the scaling up of their business, Chinese Entrepreneurs are making investments in Nepal and initiated various projects in expanded size. With a view to cater the need of Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs, China Desk in Reanda Nepal is established with bilingual professionals. In this dynamic business environment, we offer varieties of professional services like business advisory, taxation, accounting and back office support, transaction advisory, business risk advisory, management consulting, foreign direct investment (FDI) support, Financial Reporting Compliance, Statutory Compliance, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) etc to Chinese Investors through our China Desk Office.
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