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Reanda Shinseung Accounting Corporation

Shinseung Accounting Corporation (SSAC) is a growing company made up of experienced accountants specializing in accounting, tax, management consulting and M&A. Maintaining a One Firm Policy, we offer a "One-Stop Total Service" in diverse areas of accounting in today's business world.

To attend to the needs of international clients and Korean clients overseas, SSAC can also provide services in various languages such as English, Chinese and Korean. Through continuous education and training, we are in constant pursuit of obtaining the best knowledge and experiences in the industry.

As our clients' partner in business, we are committed to practicing professional services and come up with creative ideas for the success and development of our client companies.









Reanda Korea strikes another peak with 50 KICPAs
Shinseung CEO attends Hana Financial Group’s Intl PB Center Opening Ceremony
Appointment of New Representative Tax Accountant

Reanda Korea has taken the initiative to set up a China Desk, to provide both local and Chinese enterprises the most practical and efficient services locally and internationally. Equipped with bilingual and trilingual staff, we are also fully supported by professionals with exposure to Chinese accounting and financial regulations to provide in-depth solutions.