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India Home

ANB Consulting Company Private Limited

ANB Consulting Company Private Limited is the India correspondent firm of Reanda International.
ANB Consulting Company Private Limited, a partnership firm, was established in February 1985. It has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad Bangalore, Haridwar and Udaipur in India.
The firm renders a wide range of services encompassing Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Taxation and Company Law Advisory, Valuation, Financial Due Diligence, Forensic Audit, Information Security Audit, Regulatory audit by itself or through its associates.
The firm and its associates together have strength of 7 partners about 370 employees. The employee mix consists of Chartered accountants, Management accountants, Engineers, MBA’s, systems auditors, etc.
The firm’s clientele includes leading corporates from Banking, Financial Services, Tele-communications, manufacturing, Information technology and ITES industries.
The firm is proud to be the preferred vendor with most of its clients.
The firm views its profession as being about people, their personal and business prosperity. The firm is committed to providing and building added value in a friendly and personal manner to its clients.

ANB Consulting Company Private Limited
901 Kamla Executive Park, CTS 173 J B Nagar,
of Andheri Kurla Road, Mumbai 400059, India

Tel:     91-22-42215300
Fax:     91-22-42215303