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Reanda Bernardi has been recognized as a one-stop service firm, offering audit, tax and advisory services to local and international businesses. We serve a wide range of clients, both in Indonesia and overseas, from family businesses and listed firms to multinational firms that wish to enter the fast-growing Indonesian market.

Reanda Bernardi brings together unique combination of skill sets in Accounting, Finance, Tax and IT and thus creates synergies in providing high quality of general audits, fraud and forensic audits, book-keeping, IFRS advisory, corporate finance, management advisory, tax compliance and tax advisory.

Our distinctive edge lies in the synergy of the following:

  • Recognition from regulators: we are licensed by the Indonesian Ministry of Finance and registered in the Indonesian Capital Market and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency and the Indonesian Central Bank. Our Partners are often referred as the resource person for standard, regulation and professional exam making in accounting and related fields by professional associations and regulators.

  • Established track records: top notch firm credentials for more than 30 years in general audits, corporate actions,investigative audits, due dilligence, and tax audits for various industrial based companies in Indonesia.

  • Entrepreneurial-driven firm: With entrepreneurial spirit in everyone of us, we care for your business and thus, we always provide reliable and trustworthy support to your business.
Indonesia has been identified as top five emerging markets, following Brazil, India, China and Russia. With immensely complex tax and industry-based regulations, we are committed to be our client's trusted advisor and business partner through all phases of your business developments.

Reanda Indonesia Managing Partner, Michelle Bernardi, Elected as Member of the National Council of Indonesian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (IICPA)
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With the great economic potential that Indonesia has, more and more Chinese investors are coming to Indonesia. These have created demand for high quality professional services for China-related investments, leading us to set up China Desk to support Chinese-speaking investors, who come from mainland China and Taiwan. Reanda Indonesia China Desk supports Chinese and Taiwanese investors who seek to establish businesses in Indonesia. Our multi-disciplined professionals provide a full range of professional services from corporate establishment, business advisory, accounting and tax compliance & consulting to financial audits, IPO and M&A advisory.