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Reanda Australia is a leading multi-disciplinary advisory and professional services firm. Our aim is to provide you with the best advice, solutions and services to meet your particular and diversified needs.

We are a young dynamic firm that has quickly built a reputation for delivering results. Although young, the collective heritage of our firm reflects over 30 years’ experience. You can be confident that we will be working closely with you delivering results now and well into the future.

Our highly qualified team of advisers take the time to understand you and your business and with a comprehensive range of advisory and professional services will structure the advice, solutions and support that you require to succeed.







Disclosure of Business tax debts
First Cross-Border Internship
Reanda Australia participated in the Fiji Day gala dinner
“One Belt One Road” - Reanda Australia & Reanda China Secure New Audit Client in Australia
Former PM Hon. Tony Abbott MP joined the annual Sydney Professional Accountant Group dinner hosted by Executive Chairman of Reanda Australia
Reanda Australia attends book launch ceremony invitation by H.E. Mr Ma Zhaoxu ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Commonwealth of Australia “HOW TO INVEST IN AUSTRALIA” (Chinese Version)
Reanda Australia ranks number 17
China Desk road-show: Australia
Standard Business Reporting (SBR)
Company Tax Loss Carry Back: Draft Legislation
Significant Investor VISA
Australian New Immigration Program - Significant Investor Visa
Invitation to attend special federal budget briefing at Australian Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday 9 May 2012
Certified Practising Accountants - Australia (CPAA) & Sydney Professional Accountants Group (SPAG) 2012 annual dinner

The China Desk in Reanda Australia is established to address the business needs of Chinese and local enterprises by providing intelligent and practical solutions. Led by dedicated professionals who are effectively bilingual, the China Desk of Reanda Australia also gains technical support from professionals well-versed with Chinese accounting standard and practice.