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REANDA EFA was established in 2010, we have specialists dedicated to serving businesses in search of professional and objective financial advice that will help realize their true potential and needs in Macau business arena. We provide professional advisory beyond a simple audit or basic tax compliance work; providing professional solutions and independent advisory; strong relationship with commercial banks and coupled with in-depth experience with local lawyers and sponsors. Ensuring that we understand and anticipate our clients needs, and then to implement vertical solutions.

Since 21st century, in step of the rapid growth of international companies in the Macao SAR, Jackson Chan and his partners are serving international clients from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia and USA . They also provide professional back up services to international CPA firms that have no office established in the Macau SAR.





Macao SAR Financial Service Bureau (“DSF”) issued Mutual Agreement Procedure (“MAP”) Guidelines
Complete "Macao Tourism Industry Development Master Plan” in 2017 Begin on application for designation as a City of Gastronomy Expand diversity of tourism products and source markets Strengthen mechanism for multipartite cooperation
The international event of CEFCO will be held on January 12, 2017 in Macao Connecting the global MICE industry to have a profound experience in Macao
IC announces candidates selected for the 2016 Subsidy Programme for Fashion Design on Sample Making
IPIM and DSPA Delegation Visits Portugal and Beijing to Promote 2017MIECF
Private sector construction and real estate transaction for the 3rd quarter 2016
Mortgage loans statistics – September 2016
Closer Beijing-Macao ties bring developments of mutual benefit
Premier Li announces 18 new measures to boost development of Forum Macao
Results of hotels and similar establishments survey 2015
Five-year Development Plan a solid foundation for further success
The 4th Macao International Travel (Industry) Expo coming up in September spotlights smart tourism and independent travel
Small and medium-sized enterprise credit statistics - First half of 2016
HK and Macao sign CEPA to further trade cooperation
Monetary and financial statistics – May 2016