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Reanda CPAs was established in 1993. Through more than 20 years development, Reanda has formed a sizable international accounting network with more than 25 branches or strategic alliances in major cities of China like Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Xiamen, Hong Kong etc. So far Reanda has more than 2,000 people including more than 40 national partners and 500 CPAs. Reanda is registered with CICPA, PCAOB and CPAB. Reanda is able to provide high quality services in audit, accounting, tax, financial and management consulting etc. for large and very large state owned enterprises in China, and companies listed on North American security markets.

NetEase News and other media: "Beijing Fair" won the honor, "understand the world, and understand China"
Reanda China successfully enrolled in the auditing service repository of China Paper Investment Co., Ltd.
Mr. Huang Jinhui, managing partner of Reanda China has been invited to participate in the Forum of "Belt and Road" tax service and gave a speech
Reanda China has successful bided "Jinan City Public Transportation Cost Regulation and Supporting Policy Research Service Project Services"
Ten Significant Events of Reanda CPAs LLp. In 2018
Reanda China Sichuan branch and Reanda Nepal are successfully building friendly cooperation
26 employees of Reanda Beijing Obtained the General Qualification Certificate of the National Unified Examination of Certified Public Accountants in China
Reanda Gansu Branch performed a relocation unveiling ceremony in Lanzhou
Reanda CPAs LLP 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
2018 Belt and Road Business Services Forum
Reanda 25th anniversary tenth preparatory meeting
Reanda Beijing Management headquarter participated Investment promotion meeting of Guinea Bissau
Reanda Partner Ms. Zhao Xiaowei is selected as “ 2018 Accountant Leading talent”
Managing Partner Huang Jinhui was invited to participate Beijing Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA) “join hands to Xiongan” Seminar on talent work
Managing Partner Mr. Huang Jinhui attended “Center for CHINA & globalization 10-year anniversary”