Reanda International announces strategic cooperation with BTOC
Reanda International announces strategic cooperation with BTOC Print
Tuesday, 18 October 2016 00:00

On 18 October 2016, Mr. José Farinha and the Mr. Pedro Lourenço, partners of BTOC, an international accounting and consulting network based in Portugal with headquarter in Lisbon, visited the Hong Kong administrative office of Reanda International.  A signing ceremony was held in this occasion to set the strategic cooperation between Reanda International and BTOC in motion, effective 18 October 2016.

The CEO of Reanda International Mr. Franklin Lau, on behalf of Reanda International signed the cooperative agreement with Mr. José Farinha, partner of BTOC, to tie the knots for the cooperation.

Under this cooperative agreement, Reanda International and BTOC will work with one another in promoting business opportunities for each independent Network's member firms where one Network's member is seeking assistance in a region that is represented by the other network's member, the former network will refer its member to the other network representative before seeking referrals outside this relationship.

Reanda International is very excited about this strategic cooperation. While Reanda International has been expanding its presence in the European countries, the cooperation with BTOC is definitely a right move at the right time to stretch our reach towards the Portugese speaking countries to better serve and provide additional resources to Reanda members and clients in the immediate future.

A handshake between two parties after the signing, announced the effective cooperative relationship between Reanda International and BTOC.

Mr. José Farinha, partner of BTOC (front row left) and Mr. Franklin Lau, CEO of Reanda International (front row right) signing the strategic cooperation agreement.  (Back row from left to right) Mr. Pedro Lourenço, partner of BTOC; Mr. Tanny Yu, director of Reanda International and partner of Reanda HK; Ms. Alberta Sie, company secretary of Reanda International and Mr. Lorance Chan, Vice Chairman of International Tax Panel of Reanda International witnessed the signing ceremony.

Mr. José Farinha and Mr. Pedro Lourenço took a group photo with the representatives of Reanda International.

BTOC is an international accounting and consulting network with headquarters in Lisbon, Portuagl.  The Network is represented in 10 Portuguese countries/regions includeing: Portugal, Madeira, Spain, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Macao (China), Poland and Guinea-Bissau.