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NetEase News and other media: "Beijing Fair" won the honor, "understand the world, and understand China"
Friday, 07 June 2019 00:00

From 28th May till 1st June 2019, the China International Trade Fair in Services (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing Fair) was successfully held in Beijing in 2019. With the theme "openness, innovation, wisdom and integration", the Beijing Fair focused on science and technology, culture, health, business and other service areas, targeted to play an active role in leading the global service industry and service trade frontier concepts, advanced technology, innovative achievements, industry standards and other aspects.

So far, at the "Rule of Law China Exchange Forum" of China International Trade in Services Fair in 2019, a list of "Top 100 Innovative Brands in Beijing Business Services and Top 100 Internationalized Brands in 2019" was released under the guidance of Beijing Business Bureau and Beijing Brand Association. Reanda CPAs LLP as the parent company of Reanda International Network (hereinafter referred to as Reanda International) has successfully entitled as “Top 100 Internationalized Brands”.

In the recent years, Reanda International as “going out” internationalized outstanding representative of Chinese accounting service industry, since 2012 continuously participating in the Beijing Fair related activities, and achieved outstanding performance and gratifying results.

As a professional in deeply cultivating the international accounting service market, Mr. Huang Jinhui, the chairman of Reanda International board of directors was invited to attend this year's Beijing Fair Global Service Trade Summit and Opening Ceremony. In an interview, he said that Reanda International will continue to study and observe various activities of the Beijing Trade Fair and strive to achieve more significant results.




Reanda China successfully enrolled in the auditing service repository of China Paper Investment Co., Ltd.
Friday, 10 May 2019 00:00

On 7th May 2019 Reanda CPAs LLP received official notification of successfully enrolled in the auditing service repository of China Paper Investment Co., Ltd.

After receiving the invitation letter from China Paper Investment Co., Ltd., Ms Xu Changyingn and Mr Xu ChangLong, partner and Executive Director of Reanda Hunan branch, actively organized members to form bidding teams and prepare bidding materials conscientiously, with the support and assistance of the related leadership and management headquarters, it stood out amongst a great number of bidding institutions and successfully enters the audit service institution database. This successful entry was of great significance for Reanda CPAs LLP in promoting its business and expanding its market. It fully demonstrated our excellent professional level and extensive practical experience in CPA services, and reflected the core competitiveness of the accounting industry.

China Paper Investment Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise group under the supervision of SASAC of the State Council - China Chengtong Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Chengtong Holding Group Co., Ltd. China Chengtong is an important asset management platform for the first batch of state-owned enterprises under the State Council SASAC to construct and standardize the board of directors enterprises and serve the structural adjustment and strategic reorganization of central enterprises. In the future, the two sides will adhere to the principle of equality, mutual benefit and complementary advantages, and support and cooperate with each other within their respective professional areas. With the deepening of cooperation, the two sides will form a long-term strategic partnership in the shortest possible time.

With the increasing demand of customers and needs of industry development, the Reanda people constantly enhance their professional knowledge reserve and enhance their professional service ability. Concentration makes profession. Reanda people always adhere to the working principle of "honesty-based, ethics-oriented, guideline-based, objective and impartial"; with "independence, objectivity, impartiality" and "honesty, rigorous, efficient" working attitude, dedicated to provide thoughtful professional services for the majority of customers.

Mr. Huang Jinhui, managing partner of Reanda China has been invited to participate in the Forum of "Belt and Road" tax service and gave a speech
Wednesday, 08 May 2019 08:32

On 12th April 2019 at 10 am, the launching ceremony of the cross border business tax service - "Belt and Road" Tax Service Forum (hereinafter referred to as: Forum)  was jointly organized by the China Certified Tax Agents Association and the Beijing Certified Tax Agents Association at the third floor conference hall of the China Science and technology hall. The forum was presided over by Mr. He Yuanquan, general manager of Zhong Rui tax group. The Forum was well attended by more than 100 taxpayers of cross-border business and representatives of relevant trade associations.

The China Certified Tax Agents Association set up a cross border enterprise tax service alliance (hereinafter referred to as the alliance) in order to strengthen the tax risk management and control of cross-border enterprises, enhance the role of tax professional firms in tax related professional services in the construction of "Belt and Road", help cross-border enterprises to solve the difficulties in tax policy implementation and promote the improvement and formulation of relevant tax policies. The alliance mainly provides tax-related services such as tax policy consultation, and serves as a bridge.

The Forum is the first activity since the establishment of the alliance, with the theme "cross border tax related services and risk control" under the "Belt and Road" initiative, there were more than 10 taxpayers engaged in cross-border business and representatives of relevant industry associations were invited to attend and deliver speeches. Mr. Huang Jinhui, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Reanda International was also being invited to attend the Forum, and made a brilliant speech on the theme of "internationalization of the Belt and Road" and the internationalization of high-end business services. In his speech, he analyzed the background of the "Belt and Road" initiative, the promotion of Chinese enterprises' "going out", the rigid demand for high-end business services, and the "going global" development of Chinese certified public accountants and tax agents. The experience of taking the "Belt and Road" initiative and achieving fruitful results was unanimous acclaimed by the participants.


Reanda China has successful bided "Jinan City Public Transportation Cost Regulation and Supporting Policy Research Service Project Services"
Tuesday, 30 April 2019 00:00



On 24th April 2019, Reanda China Shandong brance has successful bided "Jinan City Public Transportation Cost Regulation and Supporting Policy Research Service Project Services".

"Jinan City Public Transportation Cost Regulation and Supporting Policy Research Service Project Services" is a subsidy and compensation mechanism for promoting the construction of "Public Transport City" and standardizing public transport finance by Jinan Urban and Rural Transport Commission of Shandong Province. For these purpose, professional social service institutions are employed as to provide systematic and professional services on the cost regulation of Jinan's public transportation, analyse public transport financial subsidy policy and the incentive mechanism for performance evaluation.

Following the leading exploration in PPP comprehensive consultation, in view of the new demands for CPA practice under the new situation, we have dispatched multi-level, multi-professional and multi-batch personnel to participate in the performance evaluation and other special training organized by the National Accounting Institute and other units in order to keep abreast of policy trends and documentation requirements, continuously improve their professional knowledge and professional service capabilities, and actively develop new business model of CPA in High-end service field for our accountants.

This bid not only reflects the strength and experience of the firm in the professional services of CPA, but also a solid step in the non-certification field of the CPA industry, which is laying a solid foundation for the gradual formation of the brand feature of Reanda China in the high-end service field.



Ten Significant Events of Reanda CPAs LLp. In 2018
Thursday, 28 February 2019 00:00

1.   Reanda Management Committee has designated 2018 as the "Year of International Construction" of Reanda. Over the past 9 years, the internationalization development mode of "shipbuilding and sailing in the sea" has become more mature, with an emerging global influence of the brand.

2.    Reanda’s partner Ms. Zhao Xiaowei has been selected as "National Accounting Leader (Reserve) Talents Certified Public Accountants in 2018" (in the field of Informatization)”.

3.   The eighth meeting of Reanda's second Executive Committees and other important meetings were held smoothly in Changsha, Jiangxi. The conference deliberated and decided on the strategic plan and implementation of "changing ideas, innovative thinking, and comprehensively remodelling the brand image of Reanda". This meeting would be an important and landmark meeting for Reanda to embark on a new journey.

4.    In 2018, the training and examination for the qualification certification of the leaders and quality supervisors of class A business projects were successfully held in Beijing.

5.    Reanda CPAs LLp.’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner was held in China World Summit Wing Beijing with great success. The series of activities celebrating the 25th anniversary of Reanda, which last for more than a year, has come to an end.

6.    As a member of the new social stratum, Reanda actively participates in public welfare works and strive to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

7.    Reanda’s founder comrade, Mr. Fu Ziying was appointed as the Director of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Macao Special Administrative Region by the State Council.

8.    Reanda CPAs LLp. has been re-elected to the Register of Administrators of Enterprise Bankruptcy Cases in Beijing Higher People's Court.

9.    Mr. Huang Jinhui, managing partner of Reanda CPAs LLp. and the company were awarded several honorary titles, such as "Outstanding Person on the 40th Anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up" and "Excellent Brand on the 40th Anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up".

10.  Reanda is now gradually bottoming out while the brand image has been quickly restored and re-recognized by all sectors of society with new breakthroughs in business development and remarkable achievements in 2018.

Reanda China Sichuan branch and Reanda Nepal are successfully building friendly cooperation
Thursday, 28 February 2019 00:00

On January 9, 2019, as referred by Reanda Nepal and coordinated by Reanda International Beijing Management Headquarters, Reanda China Sichuan branch won the tendering of the "Audit for Financial Statements of Si Chuan Investment International Nepal Hydropower Joint Development Corporation 2018" organized by Si Chuan Investment International Co., ltd.

After winning the bid, Reanda Sichuan branch set up a project team, Partner Ms. Huang Chaohui as the chief project manager and Deputy Director Ms. Fang Fang as the technical director of the team. On February 20, the team travelled to Kathmandu, Nepal, to carry out on-site audit work.

Mr. Bishnu Bhandari, Partner of the China Desk of Reanda Nepal and Mr. Utsaha Bhattarai, personnel from the fir, participated in the project meeting. At the kick-off meeting, Mr. Jiang, the head of the audited unit, introduced the general background of the project. The team then analyzed the key points and difficulties of the project, and formulated a feasible audit plan to give full play to the advantages of both sides in order to strive to yield twice the result with half the effort. This kind of transnational cooperation has been fully affirmed by the client.

The on-site work of this project is in full swing, which is expected to be finished in ten days. We wish the project could be completed timely with high quantity.

26 employees of Reanda Beijing Obtained the General Qualification Certificate of the National Unified Examination of Certified Public Accountants in China
Thursday, 27 December 2018 07:24

The results of the National Unified Examination of CPA in 2018 was announced and there are 26 employees of Reanda obtained the General Qualification Certificate of the National Unified Examination of Certified Public Accountants in China, who are going to officially join the CPA team in the near future. Taking this opportunity, the Reanda Beijing Management head office would like to congratulate our staff on passing the examination successfully. Following is the list of themployeesloyee:

Reanda Gansu Branch performed a relocation unveiling ceremony in Lanzhou
Thursday, 27 December 2018 06:54

6th Dec. 2018, Reanda CPAs LLP Gansu branch performed a relocation unveiling ceremony in Lanzhou. Mr. Luo Gang, Secretary-General of the Institute of Gansu CPAs, Mr. Liu Nailin, Full-time Deputy Secretary, Mr. Zhang Yunqi and Mr. Liu Suicun, Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Liu Zhengbo, representative of client PetroChina Lanzhou Petrochemical Company and Director of Management Committee of Reanda, Managing partner Mr. Huang Jinhui and accompanying leaders of Reanda attended the ceremony.

Mr. Luo Gang, Secretary-General of the Institute expressed his appreciation towards the contributions and achievements of Reanda and Reanda Gansu branch, he encouraged Reanda Gansu branch to continuously make efforts and achieve better achievements in the future as well.

Managing partner Mr. Huang Jinhui appreciated all the staff in Reanda Gansu branch for years of sacrifice and dedication, he also gave some insightful comments on the future development of Reanda Gansu branch.