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Shinseung CEO attends Hana Financial Group’s Intl PB Center Opening Ceremony
Thursday, 18 June 2015 00:00

Mr. Shin Wan Min(far right), CEO of Shinseung Accounting Corporation was proud to give the honors for the opening of the first International Private Banking Center Opening Ceremony of Hana Financial Group in Seoul. This very International Private Banking Center has been set up to provide global financial services to Chinese investors and other foreign investors alike. Hana is planning to open more International PB Centers in cities in Korea, China and around the world.

As we know, Hana is one of the most active Korean commercial banks in China. And we are glad to announce that Shinseung has a cooperative partnership with Hana International Private Banking Center when dealing with clients’ foreign exchange, FDI and FIE services. Not to mention, M&A, property investment, asset management, securities investment, e-finance etc.


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