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Reanda Russia ranks 11th among auditing and consulting companies
Thursday, 16 April 2015 00:00

Scientific journal Auditor conducted an independent audit market research and GC REANDA Rusaudit ranks 11th based on its performance for 2014. If compared with 2013 (17th place in the rating) Company’s  growth rates (in %) increased threefold. REANDA Rusaudit was marked as ‘a market-driven upswing company with a solid background’.

In forming the rating of audit and consulting companies, experts analyzed mainly total revenue and the number of issued audit reports. According to these data REANDA Rusaudit confidently holds its position and is constantly striving to accelerate the growth rates. It should be noted that REANDA Rusaudit is primarily aimed at the guarantee of high quality services to its customers rather than at achieving high positions in the ranking.