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Investor Confidence at 12-Month High

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Friday, 22 July 2011 07:29

Investor confidence in Singapore is at its highest peak since June 2010.


In a survey by financial firm Friends Provident International (FPI), Singapore investor confidence is up 21 points on the Friends Investor Attitudes Index. This is an increase of 16 points from a year ago. In a reflection of the stability of the local economy, Singapore’s score has remained very positive since October 2010.


While the gross domestic product flash figures for Q2 were not quite as positive as expected, overall fundamentals for investing in Singapore for both local and foreign investors are still very positive.


In the FPI survey, more than 60 per cent of local investors believe that the Singapore investment market has improved in the last six months while 57 per cent feel that the market will continue to improve over the next six months, due partially to relations with powerhouses such as India and China.