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Establishment of Middle East and Africa Region and appointment of Regional President

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Wednesday, 18 August 2021 00:00

Reanda International is pleased to announce the establishment of the Middle East and Africa region and the appointment of Mr. Avinash Jagetiya, director of Reanda UAE, as the regional president of the new Middle East and Africa region of Reanda International, for a three-year term.

According to the Method for the Appointment of Regional President of Reanda International, the regional president shall be appointed for any regions with five or more network firms. Currently there are 11 network firms including Angola, Cape Verde, Egypt, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and UAE in the Middle East and Africa region. Accordingly, the Middle East and Africa region was established and the regional president for this region was appointed. The regional president is an honorable position and the appointment is subject to the CEO’s recommendation and approval of the board of directors for a term of three years renewable.

With this new role, Mr. Avinash’s key activity would assist the CEO in coordinating the members’ affairs and acting as a facilitator for communication and exchange between network firms in the Middle East and Africa region.

Our vibrant Middle East and Africa region has grown significantly in recent years. With the establishment of Middle East and Africa region and appointment of regional president, our goal in 2021 onwards is to continuously work on to strengthen our presence in Middle East and Africa and other regions while promoting the Reanda brand internationally and providing more invaluable business opportunities for our members.

Presently, there are four regions established including the Asia & Oceania region, the Southeast Asia & South Asia region, the Europe region and the new Middle East and Africa region.