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Reanda International aggregate fee income reached US$234.3 million in 2020

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Tuesday, 23 March 2021 01:32

Reanda International is pleased to announce that our total aggregate fee income for the year ending 31 December reached US$234.3 million. According to the 2021 World Survey released by International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) in March 2021, Reanda International is ranked number 23 in the league table. Currently, Reanda International is represented by 47 network firms with more than 151 offices, 242 partners and 4,500 staff.

Faced with the unprecedented pandemic in 2020, Reanda International’s performance nevertheless has been resilience and recorded a growth rate of 1% based on the aggregated fee income in 2020. Reanda International saw consistent growth across most regions, particularly in Europe region (+10%) with growth spearheaded by Netherlands (+158%), Russia (+95%), Belarus (+62%), Greece (+8%) and Germany (+7%) in Europe. In 2020, Asia Pacific remained Reanda International’s largest region, bringing in 76 percent of fee income.

Reanda International’s service line fee shares remain similar to those of previous years across the network. Audit and accountancy remains Reanda International’s largest service line, accounting for 44% of fee income while tax, advisory, and other services accounted for 11%, 10% and 35% of the fee income of the network respectively.

While the global outlook remains uncertain in 2021, Reanda International will continue cling to innovation for mutual cooperation and business growth with its members, as well as enhancing the network-level global monitoring work, which puts us in a great position to rebound and leverage opportunities in the post-pandemic era.