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Reanda International announces newly established European Regional Committee

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Friday, 08 January 2021 08:51

Reanda International is pleased to announce the establishment of European Regional Committee in view of the continuous growth of its European region.

The European Regional Committee will support the European regional president to coordinate the members in the region and assist in the recruitment of new firms from Europe.

The following three committee members were nominated by the members in the Europe region. Amongst the committee members, Mr. Charilaos Hadjioannou from Reanda Cyprus, European regional president, was elected as the President of the Committee while Mr. Robert Bean from Reanda UK and Mr. Achim Siegmann from Reanda Germany were elected as Vice-Presidents of the committee for a term of three years from 2020 AGM to 2023 AGM of Reanda International:-

Mr. Charilaos Hadjioannou (director of Reanda Cyprus), President;

Mr. Robert Bean (managing partner of Reanda UK), Vice President;

Mr. Achim Siegmann (CEO of Reanda Germany), Vice-President

The Europe region, as one of the network’s three established regions, comprises network firms from 15 territories in Belarus, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Turkey, UK and Ukraine.