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Reanda China successfully enrolled in the auditing service repository of China Paper Investment Co., Ltd.

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Friday, 10 May 2019 00:00

On 7th May 2019 Reanda CPAs LLP received official notification of successfully enrolled in the auditing service repository of China Paper Investment Co., Ltd.

After receiving the invitation letter from China Paper Investment Co., Ltd., Ms Xu Changyingn and Mr Xu ChangLong, partner and Executive Director of Reanda Hunan branch, actively organized members to form bidding teams and prepare bidding materials conscientiously, with the support and assistance of the related leadership and management headquarters, it stood out amongst a great number of bidding institutions and successfully enters the audit service institution database. This successful entry was of great significance for Reanda CPAs LLP in promoting its business and expanding its market. It fully demonstrated our excellent professional level and extensive practical experience in CPA services, and reflected the core competitiveness of the accounting industry.

China Paper Investment Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise group under the supervision of SASAC of the State Council - China Chengtong Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Chengtong Holding Group Co., Ltd. China Chengtong is an important asset management platform for the first batch of state-owned enterprises under the State Council SASAC to construct and standardize the board of directors enterprises and serve the structural adjustment and strategic reorganization of central enterprises. In the future, the two sides will adhere to the principle of equality, mutual benefit and complementary advantages, and support and cooperate with each other within their respective professional areas. With the deepening of cooperation, the two sides will form a long-term strategic partnership in the shortest possible time.

With the increasing demand of customers and needs of industry development, the Reanda people constantly enhance their professional knowledge reserve and enhance their professional service ability. Concentration makes profession. Reanda people always adhere to the working principle of "honesty-based, ethics-oriented, guideline-based, objective and impartial"; with "independence, objectivity, impartiality" and "honesty, rigorous, efficient" working attitude, dedicated to provide thoughtful professional services for the majority of customers.