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Reanda International hosted the first Asian regional meeting in Japan

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019 00:00


Reanda International hosted the first Asian regional meeting on 9 April 2019 in Reanda Japan’s Tokyo head office. Some 15 partners and personnel from 10 network firms across China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Taiwan took part in the meeting through either physical attendance or video conferencing. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Huang Jinhui and Mr. Franklin Lau, Chairman and CEO of Reanda International respectively.

The meeting began with an opening remark addressed by Chairman Mr. Huang. Mr. Huang highlighted the achievement of the network over the past 10 years as spearheaded by the Asia region while sharing with members the long-term development strategy of the network to assist members to grow further and to increase the referral volume of the network. It was followed by a speech given by the CEO to update the latest regional development and introduce Reanda’s new East Asia and Oceania region to be launched later this year for the purpose of enhancing the regional development. After that was a spectrum of presentation given by members to introduce the latest firm development, noteworthy local rules and regulations of their respective countries latest current and potential cooperation members in the same region or beyond,??? as well as their experiences of job cooperation with fellow members. At this regional meeting, various initiatives were discussed and agreed upon which included but not limited to ways in facilitating the development and cooperation of members within and beyond Asia. The meeting was rounded off with a office tour in Reanda Japan’s Tokyo head office.

The regional meeting offered Asian members brilliant opportunity to network and mingle with each other in order to facilitate mutual collaboration and exchange of successful cooperation experience.

Presently in Asia there is South East Asia & South Asia Region with 8 network firms from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan included as overseen by the regional president Mr. LL Koong, managing partner of Reanda Malaysia.7 network firms from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand shall be included in the new East Asia and Oceania region. While a regional president shall be appointed for any regions with five or more network firms, the election of regional president for the East Asia and Oceania region shall be held in due course later this year.

The first Asian regional meeting was held in Reanda Japan’s Tokyo office on 9 April 2019

Opening remark addressed by Chairman Mr. Huang

Taking group photo with members both online and offline

The meeting was rounded off with an office tour in Reanda Japan’s Tokyo head office