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Reanda Gansu Branch performed a relocation unveiling ceremony in Lanzhou

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Thursday, 27 December 2018 06:54

6th Dec. 2018, Reanda CPAs LLP Gansu branch performed a relocation unveiling ceremony in Lanzhou. Mr. Luo Gang, Secretary-General of the Institute of Gansu CPAs, Mr. Liu Nailin, Full-time Deputy Secretary, Mr. Zhang Yunqi and Mr. Liu Suicun, Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Liu Zhengbo, representative of client PetroChina Lanzhou Petrochemical Company and Director of Management Committee of Reanda, Managing partner Mr. Huang Jinhui and accompanying leaders of Reanda attended the ceremony.

Mr. Luo Gang, Secretary-General of the Institute expressed his appreciation towards the contributions and achievements of Reanda and Reanda Gansu branch, he encouraged Reanda Gansu branch to continuously make efforts and achieve better achievements in the future as well.

Managing partner Mr. Huang Jinhui appreciated all the staff in Reanda Gansu branch for years of sacrifice and dedication, he also gave some insightful comments on the future development of Reanda Gansu branch.