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2018 Belt and Road Business Services Forum

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Friday, 30 November 2018 00:00

On 18th November 2018, the 2018 Belt and Road Business Services Forum was jointly hosted by Reanda CPAs LLP and Reanda International network in Beijing, China.

The Forum was well attended by over 400 guests and delegates including government leaders, embassies of several countries in China, former economic and commercial counselor of Chinese embassies abroad, experts, scholars, representatives of entrepreneurs and business service organizations, and partners from Reanda China and overseas member firms.

Mr. Huang Jinhui, Chairman of Reanda International delivered a speech on seizing the business opportunities brought by the Belt and Road initiative and his experience and achievements drawing from the "going out" strategy of the network.

The signing ceremony to admit new network firms of Reanda International Accounting Network (Germany, Netherlands, Belarus, Mozambique, Poland) was also held during the Forum. Reanda International's 2018 recruitment target was successfully achieved and the number of network firm reaches 35 after the signings.