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Reanda CPAs LLP 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

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Friday, 30 November 2018 00:00

On 18th November 2018, Reanda CPAs LLP 25th anniversary celebration banquet was held under the theme "Beyond Dreams, I Believe in Reanda" in Beijing.

Ms. Zhou Hongtao, Mr. Zuo Beiping, Ms. Huang Xiaohong, partners of Reanda China and Mr. Achim Siegmann, partner of Reanda Germany were the moderators of the Celebration Dinner. At the beginning of Dinner, Mr. Huang Jinhui, Chief partner of Reanda China made the first toast to thank all the considerations, supports and helps offered by government leaders, clients, and friends from various sectors.

Currently, the number of overseas network firms of Reanda International Accounting Network reaches 35 while Reanda China has developed 26 local branches.

At the end of the celebration dinner, the curtain fell on the song "Tomorrow Will Be Better" sung by all partners.