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Reanda CPAs LLP is nominated for the 2017 top 100 brands of Beijing business service industry

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Friday, 29 June 2018 00:00

On 28th May 2018, the “Internationalization and Brand Development of Beijing Business Service Industry in the New Era” summit launched a list of the “2017 top 100 brands of Beijing business service industry”.

Reanda CPAs LLP was recognized in the list as the 2017 top 100 outstanding company in business service in Beijing, which was an affirmation and recognition from the Beijing government on Reanda’s internationalization development strategy.


Mr. Kazunori Seki and Ms. Li Hua, director and vice general manager of the Beijing representative office of Reanda Japan respectively; Mr. Song Ming, assistant to the Chairman of Reanda international;  Ms. Zhang Xiaoyue, administrative manager of Reanda International Beijing head office participated the ceremony.