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“The world's first big financial data platform” was activated in Shen Zhen by Mr. Ma Hong, partner of Reanda Chinaz

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Monday, 30 April 2018 07:00

“The Summit Forum on applying blockchain technology in the financial field” was held in Shenzhen on 7 April 2018. During the forum, the world's first big financial data platform was officially activated by Mr. Ma Hong, partner of Reanda China.

Two other guests, Mr. Zhang Ming, Ph.D. in computer network security and postdoctoral fellow in international finance, and Mr. Wang Jing, Hong Kong senior investment banker, had attended the forum and made keynote speeches.

The guests pointed out that the platform project will cause far-reaching impact on the future financial field, even destabilize the relationship of productions in the traditional accounting and auditing field, which will be a historical change in the industry.