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The Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Communist Youth League of Reanda organized a thematic tree plantation with the theme “To join hands and fill the motherland with pleasant country scene” has been crowned with success

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Friday, 30 March 2018 07:00

On 22nd March2018, the thematic tree plantation, one of the celebrations of the Reanda 25 Anniversary, was co-organized by the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Communist Youth League of Reanda.

Ms. Wei Peili, secretary of the Youth League of the Beijing Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Beijing Appraisal Society and  Ms Pi Lin, the committee members of the League had been invited to the event. There were also approximately 35 members of the Communist Party and the Communist Youth League from Reanda General Party branch, Reanda International Beijing headquarter, Reanda China, Reanda head office and Reanda operating departments joined the event as well.

During the event, 50 begonia saplings had been planted at the Reanda commonweal site under the leadership of the committee members of the Communist Party of Reanda.