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15 major events of Reanda International network in year 2017

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 07:00

15 major events of Reanda International network in year 2017 is as follows:

1.    Reanda formulated 2017 as the "Brand Building Year".

2.    Reanda decided to implement the collective decision-making system for undertaking high risk business and preparing relevant report.

3.    Reanda obtained the qualification of ISO9001 quality management system certificate.

4.    Reanda formed the Third Session of Senior Advisors ( Honorable advisors) team successfully.

5.    Kick off of the preparations to celebrate Reanda’s 25th anniversary.

6.    Reanda senior partner Mr. Wang Xinyu was selected as the "2017 Certified Public Accountants (reserve) professionals ( informatization)"

7.    Reanda partners’ 2017 seminar was successfully held in Beijing.

8.    The examination of the professional qualification of the executive to handle "Type A" business project and the quality regulator was successfully held in Beijing.

9.    Reanda founder Mr. Fu Ziying was appointed as the representative (minister-level) and the Deputy Ministerof the International Trade Negotiator of the Ministry of Commerce, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and was elected as the alternate member of the nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

10. Reanda partner Mr. Zuo Beiping and Reanda International network CEO Mr. Franklin Lau were granted of “2017 Reanda brand building” award.

11. Reanda CPAs LLP 24th anniversary celebration dinner was held in Shanghai.

12. The Eight Bureaus of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee inspector Mr. Xu Suining visited Reanda to investigate and provide guidance for works.

13. Reanda CPA Tian Tian, Zhou Xing and Yan Tingli were obtained honorary titles of the CPA industry in year 2017.

14. Reanda branches integrated management had become increasingly mature.

15. The expansion of the new business field was fruitful and the brand image was gradually restored and re-endorsed by all walks of life.