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Reanda International Chairman Mr. Huang Jinhui was named to the 2017 Top 10 Persons of the Year in the Financial and Accounting Industry in China List

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 03:59

Accounting Messenger, the first China weekly financial and accounting newspaper co-founded by China’s Ministry of Finance and China Association of Chief Financial Officers, has recently published the list of 2017 Top 10 Persons of the Year in the Financial and Accounting Industry in China. The list is comprised of 10 ingenious leaders and visionaries in Chinese financial and accounting industry, including senior leaders from governmental financial and accounting bodies, accounting network and domestic firms as well as large enterprises. This year, Mr. Huang Jinhui, Chairman of Reanda International was recognized in the list and named the “leading pioneer in Chinese-branded accounting networks”.

In describing Mr. Huang’s impact on the profession, Accounting Messenger said, “Mr. Huang took huge strides in catapulting Chinese accounting brand on the international stage for which was indeed remarkable.” Being named as the leading pioneer in Chinese-branded accounting networks is a reflection of Reanda International’s unwavering pursuit in supporting the diverse needs of multinational clients by connecting the expertise between east and west from our members.

As a widely popular phrase goes, “Be true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind.” In 2017 Reanda International, under Mr. Huang’s chairmanship, has been focusing in expanding strategic global footprints, implementing the “One Belt, One Road” strategy to support the needs of multinational clients, enhancing the network's delivery of services, assisting members to identify Chinese business opportunities, and providing various resources to our fellow members. Reanda International is extremely delighted that the network’s efforts and influences as a whole were recognized.