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Reanda CPAs LLP. 24th anniversary celebration symposium was held in Beijing

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Thursday, 21 December 2017 01:33

The “Reanda CPAs LLP. 24th anniversary celebration symposium” was held on 17 November 2017 as to celebrate Reanda CPAs LLP. 24th anniversary. The symposium was hosted by Reanda general party branch and co-organized by Reanda youth league branch and office of chief partner. It was well attended by Mr. Huang Jinhui, chief partner, Mr. Xin Feng, senior partner, Mr. Sun Guanghui, partner, Ms. Zhang Lu, administrative partner of Operation and Management department of Reanda China, over 70 managers and staff representatives from other departments in Beijing.

In the symposium, we introduced and reviewed the growing history of Reanda CPAs LLP. and the development of Reanda International Network. By commemorating the 24-year history of Reanda CPAs LLP., all REANDAer always bear in mind that “Never forget why we started and get through all difficulties fearlessly” and continue striving for our career.