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Reanda’s Senior partner Wang Xinyu visited Tianjin Financial Asset Exchange

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Thursday, 07 September 2017 01:39

Wang Xinyu, Reanda’s senior partner and Zhang Lu, Head Office Executive Partner, visited Tianjin Financial Asset Exchange on 1st August 2017.

Reanda is recognized by Tianjin Financial Asset Exchange for coordinating with the government and relevant departments to resolve difficulties faced by PPP and to stimulate the development of PPP project in recent years. At the meeting, senior partner Wang Xinyu communicated and explored deeply with Tianjin Financial Asset Exchange on assets transactions, platform management and other aspects of PPP.

Ms Sun Liping, Assistant General Manager of PPP Platform of Tianjin Financial Asset Exchange, invited Reanda China to become a member of PPP platform of Tianjin Financial Asset Exchange. In the meantime, she also recommended Wang Xinyu, representative of Reanda Partners, to join  “PPP Assets Exchange and Platform Management” as a panel member.