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Reanda Certified Public Accountants and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics entered strategic cooperation

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Wednesday, 05 April 2017 04:28

On 22 March 2017, Reanda Certified Public Accountants("Reanda China") has entered strategic cooperation with the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics from Dalian, Liaoning province of China during a signing ceremony held at the Reanda China Beijing head office. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Huang Jinhui, chairman and managing partner of Reanda China, Mr. Zhao Yanzhi, president of the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and other representatives.

At the ceremony, Mr. Huang Jinhui briefed Mr. Zhao Yanzhi and his team on the latest development of Reanda China and the Reanda International network. Mr. Huang also expressed the firm's keen interest in establishing long-term cooperation with the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. This was followed by Mr. Zhao's updates on the recent development of the International Business College of the University. During the ceremony, two agreements included the school-enterprise strategic cooperation and establishing training base for students of the University were signed.

The strategic cooperation represented an important milestone of Reanda China's efforts in working with local universities to nurture the next-generation talent in finance and business, as well as demonstrating its continuous commitment in good corporate citizenship and supporting sustainable growth of talent across the country.