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Skill shortages affecting over half of London firms

Over two-fifths of small businesses face challenges recruiting the right staff, according to Aldermore’s latest SME report.

Among the 1,000 SMEs surveyed, 55% of firms in London and the South East have experienced skill shortages compared with 36% in the East Midlands.

Businesses in the construction sector face the biggest challenge, with 61% currently facing difficulties recruiting workers.

With the UK preparing to trigger article 50, 22% of respondents said that Brexit will have a negative impact on them recruiting skilled workers.

16% of those who are expecting growth in the next 12 months said they are planning to recruit new workers in order to boost production and revenue.

Carl D’ Ammassa, Aldermore’s managing director, business finance, said:

“One area that firms can focus on to close the skills gap is by supporting training and development for their existing staff.

In particular, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has previously highlighted a shortage of digital skills as a challenge for many businesses and this is an area that we would urge the government to continue to focus on.”


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