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“One Belt One Road” - Reanda Australia & Reanda China Secure New Audit Client in Australia

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Wednesday, 01 February 2017 00:00

In what is a major and strategic success for the Reanda International's "One Belt One Road" strategy, Reanda Australia has secured the audit of a Chineses subsidiary company.

During the successffuly 2016 Reanda International Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Reanda Australia worked with Reanda China to obtain an introduction and secure the audit.  The company is a major Australian manufacturing company, established in 1955 and was previously audited by one of the top four International audit firms.  The Chinese holding company is a large Chinese stock market listed company based in Zhejiang province and is a client of our Reanda China member.

With our strategic approach, we were able to demonstrate and convince the client of Reanda's unique service offering to satisfy their specific needs.


The China Desk in Reanda Australia is established to address the business needs of Chinese and local enterprises by providing intelligent and practical solutions. Led by dedicated professionals who are effectively bilingual, the China Desk of Reanda Australia also gains technical support from professionals well-versed with Chinese accounting standard and practice.