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Delegation from Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce visited Reanda UK

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Tuesday, 06 December 2016 00:00

In the afternoon of 6 December 2016, a delegation of eight led by Mr. Huo Zhijie, Vice Consultant of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce paid a courtesy visit to Reanda UK office.

Other than Mr. Huo, the delegation included Mr. Pan Yong, Chief of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce (Chao Yang District); Mrs. Ni Min, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce (Haidian District); Mr. Shen Jianmin, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce (Da Xing District); Mr. Jiao Xiangyu, Deputy Director of Beijing Miyun District People's Government Officer; Mr. Chen Lianshan, General Manager of Beijing AINONG Breeding Base Co., Ltd; Ms. Cao Lei, General Secretary of Union of Beijing Business Service and Mr. Liang Jianxin, Chairman of the board of Beijing Wanshang Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Partners from Reanda UK including Mr. David Grunberg, Mr. Robert Bean, Mr. Alain Stechler, Mr. Gedalia Waldman, Mr. Benjamin Grunberg, Mr. Sanjay Parmar and Mr. Peter McMahon received the delegation and had a meeting discussing on various topics of China and UK trading issues and potential collaborations in the coming future. The exchange on business culture and professionalism ended with an pleasant souvenir presentation.

Ahead of the meeting in the morning, Reanda UK took part in an round-table event hosted by the China-Britain Business Council(CBBC) where the partners had the opportunities to meet with the delegates from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce.

Mr. Huo Zhijie (left), Vice Consultant of Beijing municipal Commission of Commerce presenting souvenir to Mr. Robert Bean (right), Managing Partner of Reanda UK

A group photo after the meeting