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The 21st MIF Exhibitor Registration for Macao SME Pavilion to start on June 20th

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Monday, 20 June 2016 00:00

Source : Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute

Hosted by IPIM and co-organised by 15 local, Mainland and Hong Kong economic and trade departments and trade associations, the 21st Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (21st MIF) will be held at the Convention and Exhibition Centre of the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel from 20 to 22 October 2016.

About 100 booths for local SME exhibitors

In this year’s MIF, the Macao SME Pavilion will be jointly organised by IPIM and the Macao Chamber of Commerce, with Macao Small and Medium Enterprises Association and Macao Business Women’s Association as co-organisers. Approximately 100 booths are planned for the “Macao SME Pavilion”, mainly focusing on marketing the “Made in Macao”, “Macao Brands” products and products with Macao enterprises as agents (priority will be given to products from Portuguese-speaking Countries), which includes products like souvenirs, food and beverages, cultural and creative products and household items, electronic gadgets plus handcrafts/accessories. The MIF Organiser will provide financial incentives for participating Macao enterprises and continues to provide support and subsidies for exhibitors. Please refer to the terms and conditions below for application for the financial incentive programme:

  1. The products of participating enterprises should be “Made in Macao”, “Macao Brands” or those with a Macao enterprise as an agent (priority will be given to products from Portuguese-speaking countries);
  2. Fulfilled tax obligations and registered with Macao Finance Services Bureau (DSF) for at least two years (before 20th October);
  3. At least 50% of the company shareholders are Macao residents or a wholly-owned Macao enterprise;
  4. Due to limited space, the principle of “first come, first served” is adopted. Late applications will not be accepted.

“Creative Exhibition Area” attracting cultural creative enterprises

The “Creative Exhibition Area” added last year created a platform for the displaying and promotion of local small and medium-sized enterprises in the area of the cultural and creative industries. This year, MIF will again provides incentives to qualified exhibitors or entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries and help them to use the area to market their brand products through on-site demonstrations and sales to test market responses and explore potential business co-operation opportunities. Additionally, interactive activities such as on-site demonstrations and small workshops will be held in the area to encourage interaction and sharing between the public and the exhibitors. Qualified local SME exhibitors may receive discounts on the price of the booth from the organiser; the price will be reduced to MOP 2,800 (for 9m2 booth). Exhibitors referred by related cultural and creative organisations/associations or have previously participated in cultural and creative exhibitions organised by the government (documentary proof must be submitted) will have a discounted exhibition fee of MOP 2,000 per booth (for booth of 6m2).

A cashier service for credit card payment

At the same time, the “Macao SME Pavilion” this year will continue to provide a series of enhanced services. Based on previous year’s experience, a cashier for credit card payments will be set up in the Macao SME Pavilion this year, aiming to improve payment efficiency. Moreover, the organiser will work with the MIF partner banks to provide capital management consultation service to SMEs exhibitors. The “Subsidy Programme on New Business Opportunity Cultivation for SME” will be provided again this year. The organiser will provide free promotion for SMEs that participate through several means, such as releasing information on their special offers on related mobile phone apps and social media platforms in order to help attract more visitors to the exhibition.

Exhibitor applications starts in June

The organiser will accept applications to “Macao SME Pavilion” from 20th June to 4th July, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 17:30. The applicants should submit their registration form and required information in person to the offices of Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) (1) Address: 20th Floor, China Civil Plaza Building, 263 Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpção, Macao or, (2)Address: 4th Floor, World Trade Centre, 918, Avenida da Amizade. For further information on the 21st MIF, please contact the Administrative and Service Centre of the MIF Co-ordinator on 853-2882 8711, Fax: 853-2882 8722, or follow the MIF WeChat official account: MIFMacau.