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Reanda Korea strikes another peak with 50 KICPAs
Monday, 09 May 2016 00:00

Within 4 years of establishment, we proudly announce that the number of KICPAs in Reanda Korea – Shinseung Accounting Corporation has rocket to 50 KICPAs which marks a significant milestone for Reanda Korea entering as one of the top 20 medium-sized firms in the industry.

It is certain that Reanda Shinseung Accounting Corporation is more equipped to better serve clienteles from different scope and landscape including more public institutions with needs of professional audit engagement work.  Under such an expansion, Reanda Korea is targeting to rocket up to 100 KICPA within 5 years..

CEO of Reanda Korea Mr. Wanmin Shin is grateful for the effort made by each Reanda member and the support from clients.  He is determined and is looking forward to building a tighter bond with clients in order to understand their need and assist their achievement along Reanda’s Belt & Road in the world map.


Reanda Korea has taken the initiative to set up a China Desk, to provide both local and Chinese enterprises the most practical and efficient services locally and internationally. Equipped with bilingual and trilingual staff, we are also fully supported by professionals with exposure to Chinese accounting and financial regulations to provide in-depth solutions.